What better way to kill some time in my hotel room when I’m slightly afraid to go out after dark?  Luckily this showed up on Claire’s blog as I was scrolling through Feedly while watching reality TV.  Side whine: this hotel doesn’t have any of the good reality show channels!  I can’t watch Honey Boo Boo or the Kardashians or Dance Moms.

Making: Questionable decisions about food all week long.
Cooking: Nothing! Away from home all week.
Drinking: Ice cold water.
Reading: “The Night Circus” and I just started “…isms: Understanding Modern Art” after picking up in the art museum gift shop today.
Wanting: Starbucks. I’m in a total Starbucks desert here in St. Louis.
Looking: For something awesome to explore tomorrow. In the daylight and not in the “shooting district” near the hotel.
Playing: Around with how much food I can fit into my body in one day. (That’s Claire’s answer, but I’m stealing it because it’s totally appropriate for this week of vacation eating.)
Wasting: My muscles by not touching a barbell for over a week. I kid about the muscle wasting, but I really miss the gym.
Sewing: Nothing.
Wishing: For a Starbucks near my hotel.
Enjoying: My questionable choice to buy a bag of Bugles. Mmmm…Bugles.
Waiting: For Curtis to get back to the room to eat the rest of the Bugles so I don’t.
Liking: Learning more about art and finding a new appreciation for it.
Wondering: What the first meal I’ll make when we get home will be.
Loving: Podcasts, especially strength and conditioning podcasts lately.
Hoping: We get to see the “balloon glow” tomorrow night.
Marveling: At how much I enjoy mindless TV.
Needing: Starbucks.
Smelling: Air conditioner air.
Wearing: PJs!
Following: 113 people on Twitter as of now
Noticing: I never hang my clothes in closets of hotel rooms.  Instead my stuff is “hung” all over furniture.
Knowing: That wintery weather will be upon us faster than we think.
Thinking: About eating more delicious St. Louis BBQ.
Bookmarking: Things to do and places to eat for our remaining days here.
Opening: A chocolate bar.
Giggling: At the fact that “House Hunters” just came on TV.  This show is on every single time I’m in a hotel room!
Feeling: A little homesick. I love to travel, but I always miss my comforts of home.


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