Just over two weeks ago I completed my second Spartan Sprint race.  I actually had a couple of people ask me why I had signed up for one again this year when I had already completed one last year.  There were so many reasons and I think this is such a silly question, I’m not going to spend keystrokes on answering it.  If you’re the kind of person to sign up for one of these obstacle races or anything similar, you’ll understand all the reasons why.

But here’s evidence of one reason we should regularly repeat things we do (workouts, challenges, races, tests, etc.) and that is to see evidence of our progress and improvements.


This is the wall traverse obstacle at the Spartan Race.  It’s maybe 16-20 feet long and you have to get from one end to the other using only small blocks of wood attached to the wall (slightly visible in the photo above) across its length.  You can’t touch the top of the wall (i.e. hang on to it) or the ground.  Your shoes and hands are wet and muddy and it can actually be quite challenging.  While we were at the wall station, I saw way more people doing the penalty burpees after falling off than I saw actually making it across the wall.

Last year I couldn’t make it across this wall on my own at all.  I cheated and held on to the top while Curtis basically held me up and carried me across.  This year I walked up to the wall, took a look at the foot holds and took a moment to think about my technique and then got up and made it all the way across the wall without any assistance.  This shot was captured immediately after I rang the bell at the end and jumped off.

I love this photo for so many reasons.  I remember how excited and happy I was when I got across and I remember how happy (and some quite surprised) my friends and teammates were after I did it.  It captures this awesome moment of simple accomplishment for me and represents many of the athletic improvements I’ve made over the past year.



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