I’ve had a lot of rattles in the old brain lately and have thought about starting up one of my blogs again.  But I struggled with which to turn to.

I briefly toyed with the idea of having a food blog a while back ( While I still think I have some interesting and unique food creations to share, I don’t feel there’s enough there to sustain such a blog.  Plus, the rattles in the brain that need to be let out don’t really belong on a food blog.

Going back a bit further, I have the little weight loss blog I played with for a while (  While getting a little closer to what I want to do, again I face the problem of not enough material to sustain that place.  It is a remarkable little time capsule of a period of my life that was kind of blurring by at the time, so I’m thankful that I’ve revisited that blog as a reflective reader.

Then there’s this one – my original.  A catch-all personal blog that reaches back over 4 years now and has languished almost 3 full years without a post.  Thematically this seems to be the best fit right now.  However, the life reflected in the old posts on this blog is one very far removed from the life I lead now, which is why I initially rejected the idea of coming back here.  I was determined to start anew with a fresh blog and a fresh start.  Besides, starting a new project is always the best part.

But that didn’t feel right either.  I had these three distinct small captures of my life over the past few years, yet none of them felt like the right home for me now.  I didn’t want to dwell too long in the past represented by any of these blogs, however ignoring them and turning off the lights isn’t the way to go.

In my current quest to step outside of my introverted comfort zone, I decided to stay right here where it all began and let it all hang out.  Okay, maybe not ALL all.  But I cannot ignore or hide from the Pam who was.   Hopefully I can find some way to migrate over the material posted on those other two blogs (surely there must be an easy way to do this?? Update: there was!  Old posts from the other two blogs now appear here).  I don’t want to lose those snapshots of my life, as they contributed to where I am now.

Here is where I hope I can let some of those rattles in the brain out and share some parts of me and my life.  I still don’t see this being anything more than a personal blog sharing snippets of a somewhat ordinary life.  The beauty of blogs like this, however, is that 99% of us lead somewhat ordinary lives and it can be so nice to find other somewhat ordinary people to connect with.  At the very least, it will give me the outlet I crave right now and will continue to catalog some snapshots of my life.

Keeping it simple.  I am Pam.  Warts and all, here I am.


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