Recovery from the sudden cyst/ovary removal surgery is going well.  It was exactly 1 week ago this morning that I was getting the ultrasound done that would detect the “mass” that was causing so much trouble.  Like my husband said this morning, that day and a half in the ER felt like a week, but there’s no way that it feels like it was a week ago already.

I’m more and more active every day as it gets easier to get out of bed and move around.  I can go up and down stairs fairly easily now, though I am still limiting how much I do that.

I can tell from how the Steri-Strips are holding my skin that the swelling has decreased.  Pain is also decreasing and it’s easier for me to go without the strong painkillers throughout the day.

I’m thankful that recovery is going smoothly so far.  I’m so lucky to have a husband who is taking great care of me and health insurance that allows me to take ample time off with a full paycheck to properly rest and recover.


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