Etsy Raves

I did some of my Christmas shopping on etsy this year.  I figured that if I wasn’t making/creating gifts for people, a gift that was handmade by someone else was the next best thing.

I was happy with everything that I purchased, but two of the things in particular really blew me away in terms of product quality and the seller’s customer service.

First up, a new journal for Curtis from Julie Boyles Books.

Handmade and leather, with a heavy metal closure, this journal definitely fit my shopping criteria of “masculine” and “classic”.

I even think the binding stitches are lovely.

I believe that unlined pages are always better for all-purpose journals.  Why should you worry about staying in line when you’re expressing yourself?

I’m confident that this journal will serve Curtis well and that it will soon be filled all sorts of wonderful thoughts.

Curtis was also the lucky recipient of some personalized stationery cards from Silhouette Blue.

For those who don’t know him, Curtis has a bit of a thing for cycling and bicycles.  I’ve also been working on imposing my love for all things vintage on him.  This continues that process. 🙂

The cards came with matching envelopes.  When ordering, you’re able to select from a variety of print and envelope colours.

The cards came beautifully boxed and wrapped.  This box was wrapped in blue paper and tied with a cream ribbon.  The cards and envelopes inside were tied in bundles with thin cream ribbon.  I was able to unpack the shipping box, attach a gift tag and put the package right under the tree.  Actually, I couldn’t resist sneaking the package open for a peek at the cards but I was able to re-wrap without any problem.

These two items are beautiful, high-quality handmade products.  Do yourself a favour and check out what the sellers of etsy have to offer.  If you haven’t browsed or haven’t been by lately, you might be surprised at the variety and quality of items that some sellers are producing.  I mean, just look at how enthused Curtis is about his new stationery cards. 😉


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