Board Game Weekend

We were out in Hinton this past weekend to visit friends.  There were actually 5 of us from Edmonton who made our way out west for the weekend.  Curtis and I took a couple of extra days off this weekend to make an awesome long weekend for ourselves.

This is a group that enjoys playing games, so we packed a big bag of our favourites before heading out and we spent most of the weekend playing and visiting.

We got an opportunity to play some stand-by favourites, a few new games for the first time and some under-played games in our collection.  All in all, there were 15 different board games and a few different video games played this weekend.  Today we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves so we snapped a quick photo of the stack of played games.


Some thoughts on some of the games…..

Agricola: quickly becoming a favourite.  We’ve played this a few times now and the game is really growing on me.  We haven’t gotten into the very complex games yet, as we’ve been teaching the game each time but I look forward to moving on to that part of the game.

A Touch of Evil: looking forward to playing this again.  This is a cooperative monster hunting game that seemed daunting at first, but picked up quickly and was quite entertaining.  Curtis re-read the rules afterward and found a few things that we hadn’t quite done right, so I look forward to playing again.  I’m also curious to see how this will play out with a slightly more attentive and interested group (ahem).

Smallworld: proving to be a reliable good time.  This game provides just enough strategy to keep me engaged, but also has a healthy dose of unpredictability.  Played for the first time with five players and it was a packed board with constant change and movement.

Space Alert: the friend who owns this said before we started playing, “This will be unlike anything you’ve ever played before.”  And it was.  The game simulates being on a space exploration vessel.  You pop a CD into your stereo and the CD dictates the flow of the game, sounding like your ship’s computer.  This soundtrack tells you of incoming threats, incoming information, and acts as a timer (i.e. your preparation round lasts only as long as a certain track on the disc).  I think that with the right group of people this game would be wicked cool.

Finca: a pleasant surprise!  I think this was a bit of an impulse game store purchase by a friend.  The game seemed simple at first and no one really had terribly high hopes for it.  But when we started playing and got into the game our opinions quickly changed.  There’s a really cool resource allocation mechanic in this game that provides just a touch of randomness without completely turning things over to a roll of the dice.  It’s a lighter game that is regularly changing as it plays out, which doesn’t allow for in-depth, long-term strategy.  It was a fun game that I think lots of different types of gamers would enjoy.

I look forward to the next time we get to play any of these!


3 thoughts on “Board Game Weekend

  1. Sweet … you guys have a nice game collection!

    I’m loving small world as well. A very nice game. Lately our group has been playing a lot of shadows over camelot.

    Space alert is great — we’ve played several really fun games. The rules get pretty complicated for the full game, but it means that its always a challenge.

    I guess I really need to give Agricola a try. The trouble is I’m worried its too complicated for a social atmosphere. I haven’t pulled games like puerto rico out to play with them … so …

    1. I would say Agricola looks as in depth and complicated as Puerto Rico but in my opinion it plays out as a much friendlier game to “rookie gamers”. I would play Agricola over Puerto Rico any day of the week.

      Next time you are out this direction we should try to arrange to play a game so you can try it out 😉

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