flat stomach?

I’ve been incredibly amused by various banner ads on teh interwebz lately.  I’m not amused by the “shoot the monkey” type ads or the “you are the 1,000,000th visitor” ads.  It’s the creative and asinine ads that amuse me.

Take for example this gem found on a popular, mainstream site….

flat stomach

Alright.  Admittedly I have never been pregnant, nor have I seen that many pregnant bellies.  But that first image sure looks a lot like a pregnant woman.  Sneaky, sneaky.


One thought on “flat stomach?

  1. That’s absolutely a pregnant belly. Mine never looked like that (only because I probably wasn’t as thin as the first woman was when she got in the family way), but you can totally tell. It’s all in the shadow about half an inch down from her belly button – if she was just chubby, there would be no tiny indentation there and thus no shadow.

    It kind of cracks me up how advertisers think that people will actually fall for that. I mean, the first picture is obviously yanked off someone’s web or photo-sharing site. The second is obviously a lingerie ad or some other professional picture. ::eyeroll:: I guess it’s cheaper than ACTUALLY developing a diet/product that ACTUALLY works then paying someone to have honest before & after pictures done!

    (Ps. I’m not actually as cranky as this comment makes me sound. I think.)

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