Good Food Box

Weeks after signing up, my first Good Food Project box was picked up today!  I am thrilled I was able to sign up for this Community Supported Agriculture project.  This is an 8-week program where bins of fresh, local produce are delivered to a central location and available for pickup there by subscribers.

good food  001

I could hardly wait to see what was waiting for me inside.  It was seriously feeling like opening a present!

good food  002

Oooh, at this point I could see some hints of what was inside.  Can you see that hint of new potatoes?  Everything was in this over sized plastic bag because the veggies had been packed on a bed of ice to keep the fresh through the day.

good food  003

Finally I opened up the bag and was immediately pleased to see the beautiful radishes.  I was a slightly displeased to see many of the veggies packed in their own individual bags.  So I started pulling everything out and surveying my produce.

good food  004

Here’s the whole box.  There’s a bag of mixed greens, red potatoes, zucchini, green beans, carrots, a head of garlic, a bunch of dill, 3 onions, a bundle of radishes and (what I was fearing) a big bag of beets.

Why was I fearing beets?  Beets are not something I’ve ever cooked with at home, but have cooked with and preserved too many times at work.  There was one week (yes, week) where I spent every day blanching, peeling, cutting and bagging beets from the gardens at work.  Since that week, I’ve tended to avoid beets outside of work.

The beet situation is one that highlights a major reason why I’m so excited for these weekly surprise boxes.  I feel like I’ve fallen into a bit of a cooking rut lately, and having no control over what produce is coming into my kitchen via this box I’m going to have to get creative and use things I’d normally shy away from.  Hopefully this means I’ll have a chance to discover some new wonderful things.  This week, however, is all about rekindling my friendship with the beets.

Speaking of new and unusual things, I arrived at my desk this morning to find a pile of wild hazelnuts waiting for me.  You see, it was only a few weeks ago that I learned that these things even grew around here.  My coworker was walking in the river valley last night, found a large patch of hazelnuts and picked some for me to try.

good food  005

Now I’ve got this small pile of fresh, raw hazelnuts waiting patiently in my kitchen to be turned into something wonderful.

Do hazelnuts go with beets???


5 thoughts on “Good Food Box

  1. I got my box yesterday as well – the same as yours except my zucchini is yellow.

    I also spent a portion last night looking on-line for beet recipes. It would seem you’re not the only one looking forward to the challenge of weekly vegetable surprises!

  2. roast them on the bbq, wrapped in foil with fresh herbs – poke them to let them steam……then, after cooled, peel em and slice them…..put them under a beautiful piece of medium-rare done bison steak, and top with cottage cheese (mixes with thyme, lemon juice and olive oil)……ahhhh….delicious…..

  3. If I recall correctly it is $40/week. The project has also committed at least 10% of revenue to subsidizing the cost of the project for lower income families.

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