Finished Air Conditioner

It’s finished!

We fired up our air conditioner about 10 minutes ago and the living room is already noticeably cooler.

Here’s what the finished contraption looks like:

swamp cooler  013 (1)

Inside the cooler I put two big reusable ice packs and about 12 litres of water.  A fountain pump inside the cooler pumps the water through the copper pipe coil.  The fan pushes lots of glorious cool air through the room.

After assembling the fan, I noted that it became quite front-heavy.  We examined the fan and determined that the best way to stabilize the whole thing was with these ratchet straps.  Really I think that was an excuse for Curtis to buy these ratchet straps….

Now by no means is this as cold as central air conditioning would be.  But for the two weeks each summer that air conditioning is actually necessary in Edmonton, I think it’s a fine solution.

Guaranteed we will sleep well tonight!


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