monkey bread

I’m on vacation!  I just started a much-needed 2 week vacation from work and have already plowed through a few todo’s on the list.

I knew that I wanted to do a fair bit of cooking and baking during my vacation.  I don’t always have the motivation to do so during the work week.

First up – monkey bread! I remember having this when I was a kid (my mom also made a wicked garlicy version).  I know the basics of the recipe, but I was curious if people are using a dough other than a basic bread dough.

My search lead me to Michael Smith/Chef at Home’s version.  His dough calls for brown sugar and vanilla right in the dough.  Madness, I say!  But I knew I had to give it a try, as Michael Smith has never lead me astray.  I decided to simply follow his recipe this time around.

I didn’t bring my camera into the kitchen until most of the messy work was done.

monkeybread 00

All the little doughy morsels have been rolled, dipped in butter, coated in the sugar/cinnamon mixture, packed into the springform pan and risen as directed.

monkeybread 01

Am I the only one who likes to watch things bake through the foggy oven window?  The smell of cinnamon filled the house at this point and was making me very hungry!

monkeybread 02

After a couple of minutes in the oven (right after I finished trying to take photos through the oven door) I realized that this could make for a messy oven.  I put a baking sheet under my monkey bread.  Good thing – two balls and a some goo made their way out of the pan.

The monkey bread cooled for a few minutes on the counter.  Then spurred by an impatient Curtis, we de-panned and dug in.

monkeybread 03

Passable lunch for vacation, no?

This was Curtis’ first monkey bread experience.  His review: “This is the best thing since…EVER!”

Next time – garlic and herb monkey bread!


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