Macaroni and cheese

One of my favourite comfort foods is macaroni and cheese.  I do enjoy the boxed, nuclear orange variety, but there’s something much more satisfying about a proper homemade mac and cheese.

I’ve been experimenting with the recipe lately.  I made one quite sucessful version using “tex mex” cheese.  A couple of weeks ago I made a more traditional version.


I’ve got an ordinary old cheddar, “vegetable” macaroni, flour, milk, chicken broth, pepper, salt, ground mustard and paprika.  Not shown: butter.

I had to use chicken broth one time by accident.  I started cooking before checking to make sure I had enough milk for my sauce (silly me).  We always have milk!  I needed an emergency substitution to complete my white sauce and grabbed the chicken broth.  It was a tasty, tasty accident!  Now it’s become a regular part of this gang.


The chicken broth does make the white sauce a little less white, however we’ll be making it all kinds of orange in just a few minutes.  It was at the pre-cheese stage that I added a couple of teaspoons of ground mustard and a few healthy shakes of paprika.  Trust me on the mustard.  I didn’t believe in it either until I actually tried it and tasted the results.


Mmmm….cheese.  One time I experimented with mozzarella in the cheese mix.  Keep your mozza on your lasagna and out of your mac and cheese.  Trust me.


The final dish.  I must say that this was probably the best iteration of mac and cheese I’ve made.  The sauce had a nice rich flavour and smooth, creamy texture.  It was that smooth, creamy texture that I had been struggling with.  I hope I can replicate all the lessons I learned and tweaks I made during this batch.  Now I want mac and cheese for lunch……


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