explaining Archie’s choice of Veronica

In case you haven’t heard, after decades of juggling Archie Andrews will finally propose to Veronica Lodge.  Brunettes everywhere are triumphant over the ultimate victory over blondes.  Across North America, every “girl next door” is writing an emotional and self-pitying diary entry about how good girls always finish last, just as Betty has taken to her blog to comment.


Why would Archie choose Veronica after all these years?  Hasn’t Veronica always toyed with him and his affections?  She’s dumped him and jilted him regularly, often in favour of slick Reggie Mantle.  She’s money-hungry and materialistic.  I’m sure she can’t bake a batch of delicious cookies or whip up a Sunday dinner of roast beef with apple pie for dessert.  Her father is a difficult man to get along with and has always looked down on Archie.  How will middle class Archie even afford a rock that will please Miss Lodge?  That looks like a pretty swank jewelery store he’s proposing in.

Marrying Betty would have been the fairy tale ending for this decades-old storyline.  For Archie, it would have been a decision governed wholly by his heart.  Archie and Betty would have lived a typical suburban middle class 1950s lifestyle.  Recent college grad Archie would have found an entry level job with a large and stable firm.  Betty may have worked as a secretary or a teacher for the first couple of years of marriage.  After this point, Archie would have moved up a rung in the company and Betty would quit her career to become a housewife and mother.  Archie and Betty would begin their family.  Over the next decade, they would add children to the family as Archie continued to move up the corporate ladder, adding raises and bonuses to the family income.

In a recession, however, entry-level jobs for recent grads are very hard to come by.  Raises, bonuses and promotions are also becoming a rarity.  Stable companies are also becoming a thing of the past, but you just know that Mr. Lodge’s solidly built empire hasn’t been suffering.  By marrying the daughter of a wealthy businessman and industrialist, Archie guarantees himself a job.  Not just any job, but a job that pays decently (afterall, Mr. Lodge wants his precious Veronica to be well-provided for).  Without a good job, the Archie-Betty scenario above cannot play out.  Archie and Betty become just like millions of other Americans, struggling to find work and make ends meet.

With his new Lodge company job and the job security of being the son-in-law of the boss, Archie will be able to provide a comfortable and successful upper-middle class life for himself and his new bride.  He will be a productive member of society, earning money and exchanging that money for American-made goods and services to keep the consumer cycle moving.  One of the first things he will do is replace the jalopy with a mid-size SUV manufactured by General Motors or Ford.  This sort of thing is what all good Americans must do to pull America out of the recession.

Archie Andrews marrying Veronica Lodge allows him to live the most patriotic and productive future life.  Archie and Veronica will not just be surviving and subsisting through the recession, but they will be thriving and doing their part to set America back on track.  As an all-American symbol, we should expect nothing less from Mr. Andrews.


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